About Us

Who We Are

Wafa lojistik has picked the most dynamic development. With the blend of to a great degree idealise blending process, exhibited advancement included substance groups have provoked new oil data and controlled the pace of most stringent necessities of present-day engines and equipment. In context of present-day learning, Wafa lojistik, an association that is totally committed to radiance in serving you, takes the advantage of widened scope of strong focus oil advancement and presents an expansive extent of things under the brand name of “WAFA” that totally meet the most essential standards and not any more engaged expenses to suit every single statistic require.

Our History


Company established in Syria



Company has a new headquarters in UAE


We’ve moved our headquarters to Turkey



We’ve restructured the company in Turkey


We Released a New Brand “NEW ASI”



Released our Brand “ROX Lubricant” and FORCE”


We’ve restructured the hole company systems.

Work Process

WAFA lojistik has chosen the most advanced technology. With the combination of very compatible blending process, proven technology additive packages have led to new lubrication knowledge and controlled the pace of most stringent requirements of modern engines and machineries. In view of present-day knowledge, WAFA lojistik, a company that is totally committed to excellence in serving you, takes the advantage of widened spectrum of strong core lubrication technology and introduces an extensive range of products under the brand name of “WAFA” that fully meet the highest… 


Our Trained staff is entered around bringing the most significant quality things at the best cost.

The association depended on a devotion of relentless change in quality and Customer Service. This commitment has enabled the association to remain at the forefront, setting measures of organisation that its adversaries attempt to duplicate.


By offering a thing and organisation that is as novel as the client, our thinking is exceptionally clear… see each client as a business associate and assurance their thriving. We furthermore consider our restriction essential and gage our things against the most flawlessly awesome names in the Lubricants business. Wafa lojistik has a refined and current blending office furnished with latest equipment with astonishing extent of things setting off to the diverse territories of the market.

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